Explore the cards of Tales are Real

"Your really think you can hurt me?!"

The Animalis

The Animalis are wild but rational animal beings and represent the dominant race in the world of Tales are Real. They derive their strength from their supernatural regenerative powers. Even heavy wounds heal within the blink of an eye. This trait has earned them the reputation of
being almost immortal.

"Come on, I'm here!"

The Humans

Humans are among the weakest beings in the world of Tales are Real. They are often enslaved or hunted. However, what they lack in physical strength, they make up for with their inventiveness. To hold their own against their enemies, they have developed heavy armor to protect themselves from deadly damage.

"The darkness awaits you!"

The Shadows

The Shadows are mysterious beings from the twilight. According to rumors, neither matter nor time exist there. In order for a being to leave the twilight, it must take on a suitable shell in the physical world. Since Shadows do not possess a physical body, physical damage can only harm them to a limited extent.

"Protect yourselve"


Creatures equipped with a shield can protect themselves by blocking attacks, preventing hits and avoiding damage.

"Wielded in one or two hands"

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons reign supreme in the realm of Tales are Real, delivering the highest additional damage. They can be dual-wielded or held in one hand, granting creatures the option to carry an extra shield.

"Decreases the target's block chance"

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are typically wielded with both hands. Shields are less effective against ranged weapons, as they considerably reduce the shield's block chance.

"Use them in battle"


While potions are categorized as equipment cards, they cannot be equipped. Instead, they are used in battle to amplify creature power or provide additional protection.